Overcoming Fears: Pushing Through Fears You Had Yesterday

 I remember talking about relocating when H was around 2 years old. As a single mom, I had so many fears projected onto me... "Well, where would you move? How will you coparent? Do you really think you could do it alone?"


Well, it may be 2 years in the making but here's my answer: My baby and I are now in LA. Her father helped us move. And, not only do I think it can be done, it is done.


Don't let anyone tell you what's possible. Don't allow anyone to project their fears onto you. @thehonor.code and I are excited to welcome all the goodness that's to come in our new space! Next stop, top!


5 ways to overcoming fears that you had yesterday:


1. Decide if the fear is even yours. Most of the things we are afraid of, are inherited. Stop picking up the fears of others.

2. Make a list of all of the things that fear is keeping you from. Seeing what you will miss out on, because of fear, puts things into perspective. 

3. Make a list of all of the things you will enjoy once you push through the fear. Seeing what's on the other side of fear can be motivating.

4. Stay away from naysayers. Keep your positive vibrations high. Protect your energy.

5. Starve your fear and feed your faith. Make affirmations, read books, listen to podcasts, and envision yourself living fearlessly.


Where will you be 2 years from now because you deciding to live fearlessly? 

Coparenting from another state, now! To make it work, Ibrahim is going to be visiting H every other week. We are being very intentional as we figure out what's best for each of us. Our family goals are on a whole other level now.


I've had people reach out and ask for advice. So, here are my coparenting tips:


1. Set family goals. Have a really clear idea of what both parents would like to see happen. 

2. Be prepared to pivot. You have to learn to be flexible and prepared for possible change-especially if you are coparenting from different states.

3. Plan ahead. This is key. Setting solid plans creates clear expectations and accountability.

4. Talk often. Communication is another key. Keeping the line of communication open prevents any kind of misunderstanding.


Coparenting and overcoming fears don't have to be difficult, mama.