Adjusting Those Sails

No risk, no story. Period.

We're just sailing through this life... We have that anchor and we're going places! 

When I tell you I didn't know what I wanted in life before this girl came along, I mean it.  So, for the other mamas who found their purpose through motherhood, this one is for you: Some people will see you move a little differently now. Know that they will try you. But you just keep doing you. 

For my single mamas out there: I know that this shit ain't a walk in the park, but keep pushing forward and crushing those goals. Make your disadvantage an advantage. It’s all on you. Let that be your motivation.

For my coparenting babes: It wasn’t an easy choice, but you did what you had to do. Way to make yourself happy!  Happy mama, happy baby! Continue to be the example of a woman on a mission.


I see y'all! You inspire me in so many ways!

Happy Halloween!