How to Adjust in a New City


Before leaving Utah, everyone wanted to know if I was nervous. My answer was no, and that was the truth- until I got here.

I don’t really know if nervous is the best way to describe what I was feeling. I just had this slight hint of anxiety about keeping up with it all. Things move a lot faster in LA, I had to adjust to the time change, I wanted to enjoy spending some quality time with H before sending her off to school, and I had what seemed like a ton of work to do. That’s a lot! So understandably, your girl was nervous!

I did my research on the school and I love the neighborhood we’re in. I met with my team, and starting adding new people to the squad. I was prepared, so I just needed to adjust. The cancer in me wanted to go into my little shell; but the hustler in me wasn’t trying to hear that. I settled in, made the adjustments and kept the needle moving.


Here are my tips to help you ADJUST when you make the big move:

1. Have a good savings. You want to be in a position to make arrangements, set things up, and fund your needs. Now is not the time to have to settle for what you don’t really want.

2. Push through the fear! 3-4 days after the move, I was so scared. I felt like maybe we should go home, but why would we?! We worked hard to get here; and I'm going to put my super woman cape on and shake shit up!

3. Find a good mama squad! Don't let the new move push you into a shell. Get out, meet some other powerful women, and start building your new community.

4. Get out and drive around. Become familiar with your surroundings. Make your new town, a place you are comfortable calling home.

5. Have fun! Enjoy this new season in your life. Embrace the process and enjoy being in a new space full of new opportunities.

6. Maybe add something about packing light and having versatile items you bring along that you can have in both locations if you are traveling back and fourth. 

Don't allow fear, anxiety, or a little nervousness hold you back. Make the adjustments and then go make things happen.