10 Ways to Express Gratitude Today

10 ways to express gratitude, today:


1. Pick 3-5 people that you are grateful for, and send them a gratitude text. 

2. Write an online review for your favorite shop or restaurant.

3. Write a list of everything you are grateful for and post it on your mirror. Whisper a prayer of thanks every time you see it.

4. Show appreciation for your home, car, or office by taking 15-30 minutes to tidy up.

5. Increase your gratitude language by not complaining for 24hrs.

6. Show off your gifts. Your ability to do things, makes things, and be who you are is a gift. Standing confidently in your gift is an act to express gratitude.

7. Donate to charity. Give away an item you are grateful for, but are no longer using.

8. Host a gratitude brunch. Get all of the people you are grateful for together an openly express gratitude and appreciation.

9. Be present in every moment. Being fully present in the moment shows you're grateful for it.

10. Lend your talent to someone who needs it. Your offering expresses how grateful you are just to help.