Welcome by popular SLC mommy blogger Destiney of MomCrushMonday
Welcome by popular SLC mommy blogger Destiney of MomCrushMonday

Hey, babes! *deep breath* This is real life. After insta-blogging for about a year now, I’m taking the plunge into serious blogger status. Errr, at least traditional blogger status… you know I can’t always be serious.

So welcome! Thanks for being here! For those of you who haven’t gotten to know me yetthrough my instagram life, @momcrushmonday, let me take a moment to introduce myself.

Hi! I’m Destiney! I’m a single mama to a firecracker of a little three year old girl, and co-parenting with her dad is my jam. I talk a lot... A LOT… about positive co-parenting, the difficulties and joys of the transition to motherhood, and basic life situations that come up when you are navigating this life we call womanhood. I believe in having a community of women to uplift each other is essential to being successful in life. I could eat and sleep children’s fashion, and one day hope to open up a children’s line of my own. In the meantime, I have other business venture’s going and I’m just here to take over the world. You know, no big deal.

I want you to make yourself at home here. Really. Prompt up your feet, have a glass of wine, and get cozy. This is a place for all women. The ones whose journey’s look nothing alike, and the ones who walk together. Why? Because our differences are what help us grow, learn and accept things outside of ourselves. I’d like to personally welcome you to school, we are majoring in motherhood.

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