Eliminate Distractions & Dominate Your Life

It’s Sunday. The day of rest. You’ve spent 9 straight hours on the couch binge watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and eating your body weight in cookie dough. Just kidding. We are moms. The last time we sat down was to give birth, and even then someone was asking something of us. But despite this constant, “go, go, go” mentality we have, at the end of the day we still feel like we have so much left to do. There is always something more to do. Always. It can become increasingly overwhelming if you don’t tell that little voice to just calm herself down. We got this, little voice.

The reason the little voice has so much power, is because we don’t feel in control of our time. That saying, “there aren’t enough hours in the day,” is common for a reason. But it’s a lie. You do have enough hours in the day. I’m going to share with you five ways I eliminate my biggest distractions and take control of my own time.

1. Silence your notifications – I’m involved in a lot! And I love it. Every bit of it. But there are certain times that I know I have to give my one hundred percent to one thing at a time; and when that time comes, the phone goes on silent. I know that if I constantly see the notifications pop up, my concentration will be swayed to look, so they get turned off too. I’m sorry Facebook, but Jeanie’s comment will have to wait. Instagram, you need to take a seat too. This mama needs to hustle.

2. Be deliberate with your time – Your time is your biggest asset, so don’t squander it. I’ve noticed that when I don’t plan out my time, my goals fly out the window. Do whatever works for you to keep yourself on track too. I personally LOVE my Passion Planner. I’m not only able to break down my day/week/month, but it leaves room for goal setting and planning. My kind of motivation. I also use my phone calendar for notifications with a little umpf, because we’ve all been there … the moment you get caught up in something and time disappears. Don’t let your future-self down, take the 5 seconds to set the alarm.

3. Say no – I know, I know. You’re thinking, “But Destiney, you just said I did have enough hours in the day!” I did, and you do. But I didn’t say you have enough hours in the day to do every single thing that everybody wants from you. That’s bonkers, and probably why you’re listing off YOUR to-do list in your head when you should be getting that beauty sleep. People will want your time because it’s valuable. You’re valuable. Whenever I get the chance, I LOVE to share my time helping others. But I’ve learned that my personal value goes down, when I make myself my last priority. I can’t be there for myself, for my daughter, and for others, if I’m not investing in myself first. So say no, and say no often. Don’t prioritize someone else’s wants above your needs.

4. Go to sleep – I’m serious. Stop looking at me like that. It might sound counterproductive, but girlfriend, if you aren’t getting enough sleep, you aren’t on your A game. When you are tired, you move slower, are less productive, and will be distracted by daydreams of pillows and blankets instead of focusing on your goals in front of you. So do yourself a favor, and go to sleep.

5. Forget the 9 to 5 – Sure, in theory working from 9am-5pm sounds great! For some people. Don’t be afraid to work outside of the boundaries of traditional work schedules. Whether you’re in an office, self-employed, a stay at home mom, or anyone in between; it’s crucial to your personal success to figure out when you are most productive. Maybe it’s between 2am-3am. Get your hustle on night owl, make that schedule work for you. Maybe it’s a noon. Great! Use your lunch hour to tackle extra things while you eat. No one said you couldn’t multi-task. Take advantage of your own personal peak hours, and hustle hustle hustle!

So, these are the things that work for me, and I think they could work for you too. I’d love to hear back from you! What are your biggest distractions or setbacks from feeling successful? How do you combat them? We are in this together, mamas!



Destiney Green2 Comments