15 Things I Will Teach My Daughter

You guys, being a mama is PRESSURE. Can we be real about it for a second? I always wanted to be a mother, but I don’t think I really knew what that meant. There is this little human that is being formed by their interactions with you every single day. That is a lot of pressure… but it’s also such a privilege. I’m a chronic over thinking in general, so when it comes to motherhood it’s not any different.

I’ve thought a lot about what I want to teach my daughter throughout her life. I think about how my actions, behaviors, and even body language affect her. I decided to write down some of the lessons I want to teach her through my actions and through my words. There are more, but fifteen is a good place to start.

Here are fifteen things I will teach my daughter:

1. Listen to understand, not just to respond. Effective communication is essential in all relationships, personal and professional, so learn it early and do it right.

2. Don’t be ugly to other women. We need each other. Who runs the world? GIRLS.

3. Develop good habits now, and they will be second nature later.

4. Be overly kind. You never know what kind problems lie behind someone’s smile.

5. Respect the differences in others. Don’t be blind to those differences. Learn about them and know that it’s okay to be different.

6. Bring fresh flowers and lavender into your home. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

7. Find your voice, and then use it to make the world a better place. Listen when you have nothing relevant to say. Situations are only opportunities to grow when you allow them to be.

8. Find what you are passionate about, even if people don’t understand it. No one ever became extraordinary by being ordinary.

9. Do things that scare you on a regular basis. If you’re dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

10. Don’t ever be ashamed of your feelings. You are formed by moments; good and bad, sad and happy, wrong and right. Feel them, learn from them, and be confident in them.

11. Don’t be afraid to try something new and fail. Greatness wasn’t defined by getting something right the first time around. Greatness comes from persevering through the failed attempts, and trying again.

12. Respect others; but don’t settle for less than the same in return.

13. You don’t have to believe in the same things I do; but you do have to believe in things because YOU believe in them, not because someone told you what to believe. Inform yourself, research for yourself, get out and experience life for yourself, walk in others shoes, and learn what you believe in FOR YOURSELF.

14. When life hands you a bad day, and she will… she’ll hand you plenty of them, don’t be afraid to set it all aside for just a little while, turn the music way up and dance it out. It helps.

15. Never forget you have something to offer this world. If you aren’t sure about a decision, ask yourself if this is how you want to contribute to the world? Will this decision make me a better person? Will in matter in two days, or two months? Will I go to bed proud of myself. Remembering your purpose will keep you on the path right for you.

These moments, these tiny moments in time, they seem so insignificant, but they aren’t. Those moments where we are just driving in the car, or laughing over dinner on a Tuesday night. I want to make them all count. And on MY hard days, the really bad ones where I think I’m doing everything wrong, I just take a peek in the rearview mirror and see H dancing along to the music playing and I think, maybe just maybe, I’m not doing everything wrong.

Xo - Destiney