Movie Night with Honor

Last night, Honor and I sat down on the couch to watch a movie before bed. We turned on an American Girl Story: Melody 1963: Love has to Win. I wasn't prepared for the emotion I was going to feel watching it. Watching a little girl, Melody, try to navigate a world that tells her she doesn't belong because of the color of her skin, and her mother who never waivers in her graceful acts of raising her daughter surrounded by love despite these circumstances.

Within the first ten minutes of the movie, I was crying; knowing that as much as some things have changed in the last 53 years, some things haven't changed at all. The dreams Melody's mother has, that will not come true, and her unwavering determination to let Melody never see that, so that she will continue to pursue her own dreams. The class she carries through every scene, despite being pushed down. The lessons she teaches Melody, even when she is hurting.

One of my favorite scenes was when Melody and her mom, Trish, were sitting at the piano and her mother tells her, "Fear brings out the worst in us, love brings out the best. So whenever you feel like you are giving into the fear, find something to love. And for me that is you." All of the feels. And tears. I sat there hugging Honor just a little bit tighter and acknowledging the same thought about her.

And at the same time, I thought back to my great grandma. She inspired me endlessly while I was growing up. Just like Melody watched her mama, I watched my great grandma's every move. She was a show stopper. She spoke her mind in a time that she was told she wasn't supposed to. She was a path paver, for girls like me to grow into women like her. For girls like Honor, to be raised with a little more strength, because of what was passed down to me. And the whole time she was paving paths, and taking names, she had her nails perfectly done and was the definitely of a class act.

I sat there last night, grateful for the women who cam before me. Women that inspired Trish's character in an American Girl Story; and women like my great grandmother. Women whom I aspire to embody on my own journey.

This blog post was sponsored by Red Tricycle, but the opinions on the movie and the story I related to it are completely my own. #redtricycle #MelodyBeInspired #LiftYourVoice

I highly recommend watching this movie. I hope you all get as much from it as I did.