Christmas 2016 Stocking Stuffers For Kids

You guys, I'm so excited for Christmas. I think this time of year should be stress free and full of happiness. The cheesy kind. Where you sings songs and wear silly sweaters and gaudy jewelry. But I'm also a realist and know that figuring out gifts for all of your loved ones can be such a chore. SO! I've created several gift guides to help make that process just a little easier! 

So let's talk STOCKING STUFFERS! I'll let you in on a little secret. Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas morning, aside from watching H's face light up. But long before there was an H, there were stockings and my love for them. And the best part of stockings for us, is that they travel well! When I'm making H's stocking, I like to mix a little bit of practical with a lotta bit of fun. 

Here's my Christmas 2016 Stocking Stuffer list: 

1. Smarty Pants Vitamins || These are our go-to vitamins! Psst, mamas, they have them for us too. 

2. Z-Dough || I can't get enough of this company and their amazing products. They are the perfect gift for any occasion.. seriously. I was never a huge fan of the mess play-doh makes, but z-dough is something I can get behind. Our favorite scent is the lavender.

3. Tickle Water || Mamas, if you want your kids to actually enjoy drinking water... get Tickle Water. Trust me. 

4. Fun Socks || The Mini Life is one of my favorite boutiques for all my favorite brands. These "I like your face" socks are just one of the many staples we get from this gem! 

5. Mind Your Manners Flash Cards || Cute monsters telling us how to behave? Enough said. 

6. MerMag Doll || The most perfect hand made dolls. You'll never regret buying one. They are ones you pass down to your daughters and they pass on to theirs. 

7. Nesting Dolls || We've had these since last Christmas and they are still a staple in our home. Well made and so cute! Wee Gallery knows what they are doing. 

8. A is for Activist Book || One of our FAVORITE books! This was passed down from some friends and we now want to share it with everyone! 

9. Parsy and the Date Necklace || I absolutely love shopping small, and the mama behind these accessories is just a dream! Could this donut necklace be any cuter? No. The answer is no. 

10. Radio || The Front Shop is one of my other favorite boutiques for all my brand name staples! Be prepared to want to spend all your money in this amazing little shop! 

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What are your must have stocking stuffers?