Monday's Mom Crush: Marcia Leone || NotSoMumsy


Mondays are for Mom Crushes! 

One of the main reasons I started MomCrushMonday was to celebrate motherhood! I love gathering inspiration and motivation by other mothers just doing their thang! I'll be doing an on-going series interviewing and featuring mamas that I can't help but crush on! 

I can't think of a better mama to start with than the one and only, Marcia Leone. Marcia is the creator and co-founder of Not So Mumsy, and one bad mamma jamma!  Self described as the blog for the modern mama, she focuses on building up other women while encouraging self love and discussing the ins and outs of motherhood. My kind of lady! I couldn't wait to take a deeper look into this Aussie mums life. I've loved following her journey! Be sure to check out her blog and read her interview below! 

Destiney || Hi Marcia! I have so much respect for your journey and your willingness to share it with other mamas. In particular, your very personal struggle with fertility. I can only imagine that it feels incredibly isolating, so to have a voice like yours can be so powerful to make others not feel alone in their struggles. 

Now you're expecting your double rainbow baby and our hearts are so full for you! How has your fertility journey effect you during this pregnancy, and do you have any advice for other mamas that are struggling? 

Marcia || Navigating a much tougher path for our second baby has made me all the more grateful for this miracle growing inside me. I learnt so much about myself during my darkest times and was able to grow as a person and a mother. 

For those on that fertility roller coaster, I hear you, I see you. I know you're struggle and want to say you're not alone. Talk about it to the right people, have support around you. Count your blessings, take time for yourself and trust the timing of your life. 

D || That's amazing advice. Thank you for being so open. You're strength is amazing! If you had to describe yourself as a mother, what would you say?

M || Definitely not perfect, but filled to the brim with unconditional love! 

D || We are big advocates of self-care. What is your most treasured kid-free guilty pleasure? 

M || Monthly facials (getting my brows done is the equivalent to a mini face lift), weekly yoga + daily meditation. And a fun night out with girlfriends is so good for the soul! 

D || What is your favorite thing about being a mother? 

M || Motherhood has given me a confidence I never had before. I take more risks and am much more comfortable in my own skin. I feel like I finally found my purpose. Also hearing those little feet running into my room in the morning for cuddles literally swells my heart. 

D || What is the hardest part of motherhood, in your opinion? 

M || As cliched as it sounds, I find the ebb + flow of finding the balance between work, me-time, + family a real challenge. The needs change constantly depending on what is going on. I often feel like I'm not giving 100% at anything. But I have finally learned to be okay with that. 

D || What is the best piece of advice you could give to someone who is about to have their first child? 

M || 1. Soak up those mundane, monotonous moments because they will be the ones you miss!

2. Don't listen to all of the conflicting advice on feeding, sleeping, + how to raise your baby, trust your own instinct. You'll figure out what works for you!

3. Oversized sunglasses + a red lip cover a multitude of sins ;). 

Stay tuned each Monday for more of my favorite Mom Crushes!