4 Ways to Raise Mindful Children

As mamas we know that our babies always are our first thought, so let’s start this conversation with them! Something I try to live by, and raise my daughter with, is being mindful. There is something to be said for being mentally and physically aware of yourself and your actions. It creates a sense of purpose, as your actions and thoughts are geared towards something in particular and are less likely to wander into distraction. It creates a sense of ownership over your life, and empowers you to be less susceptible to outside forces. It creates a strong sense of self, which allows you to take responsibility for your actions, good and bad, and to learn from your experiences. These are lessons I learned later in life, and while I know H will need to find herself in her own time, I do my best to help her navigate those waters more smoothly.

Let’s talk about 4 ways we can be raising mindful children!

1. Hang out in nature. Have a picnic, take a walk, explore new areas. Lay on a blanket and just be. As cliche as it may sound, it works. There’s something powerful about the peacefulness and clarity that comes from stepping away from the hectic.

2. Don’t give your negative thoughts life! This one is a lesson from my mama, and I’m so glad it stuck! Your mind and body are connected, so your thoughts matter. Don’t drain your energy on negative thoughts, they don’t benefit you in any way. Instead, when something bad happens, or something scares you, focus on what you can control, instead of what you can’t. Give yourself back the power, and don’t let your negative thoughts own you.

3. Karma, baby! What goes around, comes around! It’s important to teach our children to be the people they want to attract in their lives. Our actions have consequences. Put good out into the universe and good will come back to you.

4. Show them how to be open-minded and open to differences. Exposing children, and ourselves, to things outside of our own cultural, religious, and racial norms allows us to make more conscious, confident, and informed decisions. @edenbodyworks