A Little Bit of Magic With A Halloween Party

Do you know what I miss most about childhood? It's not the naps. The naps are a close second. No, what I miss the most is the magic. Do you remember it? Everything was just a little extra. Less jaded. More enchanting. When we were kids we were able to become completely engrossed in the magic and excitement of holidays. That's something I really want to keep alive for my girl as long as possible.


I love to throw mini parties for H and a couple of her friends (or even just her and I) whenever I get the chance. Holidays are the perfect excuse to do this! I think as mamas we put so much pressure on ourselves to be Pinterest perfect, but it doesn't always have to be Martha Stewart level. I promise they love it just the same. Seeing her face light up when she gets to do these things helps keep the magic of the holidays alive for me too. There's nothing like seeing your little babes happy.

SO! I don't know about everyone else but I'm already feeling Halloweeny! I never was big on it before, but H loved getting to dress up so much last year that I have a new found appreciation for it! I'm thinking of planning a cute little Halloween Cupcake Party for my girl, and I wanted to share how easy it can be for you mamas... because we all know how busy life gets and ain't nobody got time for complicated.

All you need for your Halloween Cupcake Party:

1. Cupcakes (Because, duh. Store bought, boxed, they won't care, again you don't have to be Martha, boo! Optional: Get them bare, and let your little ones decorate them!)

2. Your kids

3. Confetti and decorations (Pro Tip: Let them do Halloween drawings beforehand and include them in the decor... free and they feel like they helped! Win win!)

4. Root Beer

5. And lastly, put your party hats on!

Happy partying, babes!