The Day I Found Out I Was Going To Be A Mother

The day I found out I was going to be a mother, I was at a lunch meeting with my best friend. I remember sitting there with her and trying to focus, but my eyes kept getting really heavy and her words all seemed to float together. After I told her that I was sorry and that I needed to cut our lunch short because I needed to go lay down, I started thinking about how this wasn’t the first day I’d been too tired to finish what I needed to do.

While I love taking a little mid-day beauty rest as much as the next person, it wasn’t a luxury I usually got to indulge in. However, I realized the last few days had all been the same… impossible to get through without a nap. So, I hulled my tired body to the dollar store to get a test… because I mean, c’mon, they all work the same, right?! Well in my case it worked, and after I took that test, I almost passed out on the floor! Sure enough, my life was about to change.

My dearest, H, thank you for saving me from myself, little lady! That day changed me in all of the best ways. We are growing up together, and I’ve been blessed since the moment I found out you would be joining this world. You have forever changed the way I look at life, relationships, and friendships. That moment, after a spur of the moment trip to the dollar store, is why I am who I am, today.

It’s funny, looking back on that moment, how it all came together, and how so much has changed. I’d never change that story for anything. Not to make it more glamorous, or anything else it wasn’t. It was one of those stories that molded me, and grew me, and I’m proud of it. We all have different stories, of how we learned we would become mothers… but one thing for sure is, all of our lives were irrevocably changed that day in the most amazing way. #togetherwemother