Hey you guys! It's so nice to meet you! I'm Destiney, and I created my brand, Mom Crush Monday, when I was a new mom trying to navigate the new world of motherhood I had walked into. I quickly realized that if I was going to do motherhood the way I wanted to, I need to listen to the community of mamas around me who had been there and done that! Mom Crush Monday was born out of appreciation for all of you other mamas, the ones I've looked to in the past, the ones I'll look to in the future, and the ones I'll never meet but are out there doing you. 

I want this to be a community for you; a place you can find solace in other mamas who are navigating the path of motherhood, just like you. Our journey's might look different, and take different roads, but we can all be here to support each other. 

So let me start by telling you about myself... I'm Destiney... a co-parent, future entrepreneur, crushing goals on the daily, a strong believer that womanhood is beautiful and we should all embrace motherhood. Children's fashion is my jam, and I stay sane by dressing my daughter in cool clothes. 

I'm inspired by each of you! I look forward to continuing to learn from you, and I hope you can find inspiration here as well! 

Mamas, let us encourage our children to embrace their imagination to its fullest. Let them imagine worlds that do not exist and loves that are bigger than we have ever known. Let them dream with their dolls, and their make believe, and their carefree approach to all things good. Let us not take away that magic that will drive them to greatness. One day they might just turn our world into the worlds that don't exist, full of loves bigger than we have ever known. Today I will watch H play with her doll, and listen as she talks to her about conquering dragons, and then I will laugh to myself as she immediately switches to talking to her about what snack to get. I will enjoy listening to how her brain works and let my own imagination wonder about where that amazing brain will take her in life. #raisingh